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MHT GAMES is dedicated to provide game developers the best services technical support, localisation and development fields


MHT Game provides developers the best customized services, including language translation, cultural adaptation,easy pick-up and go control, interaction design efficient payment method and related laws solutions


Collect and analyse abundant market data, including player's behavior and each game's special characters, then target players with customised advertisements

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Our operation team will collect feedback from players and solve problems and make sure the game works well and is stable

What is MHT GAME looking for?

    Western countries developers have an excellent track record of creating exciting and innovative products. We are looking for partners who are experienced with family-oriented games and are prepared to fully embrace the opportunity to break into the Chinese market.
    We are offering partners who collaborate with MHT Game a window into a market that can provide them with an additional revenue stream, as we jointly benefit from the market growth.

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MHT Games is looking to build long-term relationship with all game developers across the world. There is no restriction and boundary when we all are games fans.

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Our excellent studios and efficient operating team will make sure your games will be popular in China

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